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How to Keep Your Business Safe After a Disaster

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 40% of businesses never reopen after a natural disaster. At West Business Development Center we know the reality of this fact all too well. We learned a great deal about the importance of preparation and lack of adequate documentation from our rural business communities after the recent fires in Mendocino and Lake Counties. Whether it is a natural disaster or not,  emergency preparedness is an important part of any business plan.

To address this all important issue, we’ve created a program, with the support of a Wells Fargo Economic Opportunity Grant, on What to Do When Disaster Strikes Your Business. Our program includes a 2 hour training module, and a 56 page workbook. Anyone who attends our  Emergency Preparation for Your Business workshop also receives 10 hours of free one-on-one consultation with and adviser to help you get organized and be better prepared. West BDC will give you the tools to develop a plan for your business -- to weather all kinds of storms, and even just the unexpected.

Attendees will come away from this workshop with a solid plan on:

  • Keeping documents safe

  • Emergency and crisis planning for your employees

  • Proper Insurance coverage

  • Asset valuation

  • Local, State and Federal Resources

  • Preparing for loss

Bring this important workshop to your area

West Business Development Center is ready to arrange a workshop in your area. Call us at (707) 964-7571, or email us at events@westcenter.org to schedule a time and place in your community.

All attendees will also have access to our expert business advisors, for free after the workshop. These advisers are no cost to you and will help you create a plan to stay on track for emergency planning, or any other business issue that may come up, from how to get more customers, to how to apply for a loan.

Schedule now while slots are available for 2019.

Small businesses are the backbone of local economies and communities. To find out more about how West BDC’s Emergency Preparation is helping communities, read about our workshop we hosted earlier this year here.

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