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The Three M’s – A Secret Sauce for Restaurant Success

“From an early age I understood that cooking was never going to be a job, it’s a passion.”

--Gordon Ramsay 

Passion is the secret sauce in every successful culinary business. Whether you are starting a restaurant or a food truck, or you have been in the culinary game for years, West BDC’s Concept to Launch: Creating a Successful Culinary Business workshop will channel your passion into concrete, tangible action steps you can use right now.

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Profit Mastery in Point Arena

Most entrepreneurs start their business fueled by a passion, after they identify a need in the market, or simply go out on their own after working for a company for many years. Entrepreneurs are a special breed, combining creativity, drive and a lot of hard work in order to see their dreams come true. Often, even with the best business idea, solid financials and a thriving customer base, true profit year over year can be elusive.

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New Workshops for 2019

We’re celebrating the new year by offering a whole new slate of exciting workshops this year on everything from how to use Instagram to turning your passion into profit. We’ll also be partnering with Visit Mendocino for a workshop series on Hospitality in the Digital Age and, offering a full program of workshops on Culinary Entrepreneurship called Food For Thought and more.

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