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Startup Mendocino Featured on KZYX Radio

We're thrilled to hear this interview with West Business Development Center CEO Mary Anne Petrillo and KZYX Radio.

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Mission Critical: Emergency Planning for Your Business in Lake County

As we prepare for fire season, just as we create our plans at home, so too must we plan for our businesses.  Emergency Planning is mission critical for small businesses because they are especially vulnerable. Small business do not have the same resources or capacity as larger organizations do to recover from wildfire, and often the small business is a primary source of income for an entire family or more.

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Small Business: The Heart of Our Economic Growth

When policymakers and the public think of small businesses, most imagine single owner retail shops that have been in their neighborhood for dozens of years. But small business defined by the State of California, are any businesses with 100 people or less. On a national level, the Small Business Administration defines them as 500 or less employees. In this light, when considered collectively, small businesses truly hold the keys to our economic future.

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