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Client Story: Corrina Pena

As the owner of Frosted Bakery, and a mother of two, Corrina Pena has found a way to work and earn, while still staying home with her girls.

Corrina Pena was constantly making cakes and cupcakes for family and friends. As response to her goodies over the years kept being overwhelmingly positive, she decided to turn her baking hobby into a real business called Frosted.

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After Time Away, Hometown Kids Return to Find their Niche

Real Estate Magazine takes a look at a number of entrepreneurs who grew up locally then sought life’s adventure elsewhere, only to return and set up shop in the very town they thought they’d left for good. From catering to fitness training, retail operations selling beauty products, books, and bacon, these young go-getters have come home to build businesses that sustain them and enrich the community they love.

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