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Mission Critical: Emergency Planning for Your Business in Lake County

As we prepare for fire season, just as we create our plans at home, so too must we plan for our businesses.  Emergency Planning is mission critical for small businesses because they are especially vulnerable. Small business do not have the same resources or capacity as larger organizations do to recover from wildfire, and often the small business is a primary source of income for an entire family or more.

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Business Coach Rachel Clark on Preparing Your Business for Natural Disasters

Like so many other places, California has experienced historic natural disasters in the past few years. Rachel Clark discusses the important steps you need to take to safeguard your business in case a catastrophic event affects you. Her article “Are You Prepared For A Natural Disaster?” is important advice for all business owners for, as she points out, “emergencies happen, things don’t go as planned and life changes on a dime." The sooner we accept that and take the necessary measures to protect the businesses we’ve worked so hard to build, the better off we will be when disaster strikes.

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September 24th: Back to Business Mendocino Roadshow.

West Center is participating in the Back to Business Mendocino Roadshow. Come find out how to recover from unexpected business impacts or do business with federal and state agencies during this morning event, hosted collaboratively with the U.S. Small Business Administration, West Company, the Northern California Procurement Technical Assistance Center, and The Veteran's Business Outreach Center.

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