Data Benchmarking for Staying Competitive

Mendocino Works, a KZYX public affairs program that explores the startup and nurture of sustainable local enterprises, looks in this episode at a seemingly 21st century topic that surely applies to startups and ongoing businesses alike: The use of data and technology to build customer loyalty and engagement and to drive sales and services. On 28 June 2017, we spoke with a local business adviser and software author, John Keleher of Community Benchmark, who works with local wineries and other companies to develop and refine their data strategies, and we dug deeper with a senior manager, Travis Scott of Handley Cellars, who is putting data to work at a local wineries where customer loyalty is an essential motor of sustainability.

About Community Benchmark
Community Benchmark uses proprietary algorithms to measure the relative success of tasting rooms within a geographic area, and, through a private website, anonymously shares personalized, actionable metrics for each winery’s benefit. In this way, Community Benchmark guarantees that individual wineries will discover new growth opportunities to increase sales.

The business of operating a winery presents one of the great double-edged endeavors of American entrepreneurial life. The promise: come to the country, get close to the land, live the good life, and make something people all over the world love. But there is also the challenge: making money in the winery business can be a painstaking task. Proving the adage that a rising tide lifts all boats, Community Benchmark provides wineries with a refined layer of pooled data to give you exclusive insight into your business.

Torrey Douglass