Women and Leadership in Enterprise and Politics

On the eve of International Women’s Day, KZYX Mendocino Works turned its focus to the topic of women and leadership, and observations about today's landscape for women in business enterprise and in politics. Guests were Mary O’Connor, a North Bay business development expert and award-winning business coach, and Rachel Binah, an Environmental and Community Activist. Hear the hourlong interview here.

This International Women's Day episode was hosted by Mary Anne Petrillo, executive director of the non-profit business development center West Company and co-producer of Mendocino Works since its inception in 2017. West Company was hosting a presentation by Mary O’connor titled "Emerging Feminine Leadership: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Women Leaders" on Thursday 8 March 2018 5:30-8 p.m. at Fort Bragg Town Hall.

A business development expert and award-winning business coach, Mary O'Connor is the founder of The Ecstatic Entrepreneur, a training and coaching company that helps visionary entrepreneurs create and grow their business. Over two decades, Mary has mentored over individual 4,000 businesses, including KPMG, Genentech, YWCA, and U.S. Health and Human Services. Mary is previously an adjunct professor for the School of Business at Sonoma State University, and holds a MA in Organization Development. A national public speaker, Mary speaks on Client Attraction, Marketing, and Feminine Leadership. She is known for her sharp, incisive intuition, her practical business savvy and her irreverent sense of humor.

Rachel Binah is an Environmental and Community Activist. Rachel is the Chair Emeritus of the California Democratic Party’s Environmental Caucus. She served from 1992 through 2016 as an elected Democratic National Committeewoman representing California. Rachel was one of the organizers of the Mendocino Coastal Communities’ successful protest in February 1988. This was in response to the Department of the Interior’s final hearing for “Lease Sale 91” which proposed offshore oil development along the Northern California Coast of California. It is thought that as many as 5,000 people attended the Federal Hearing, with 1400 signing up, in advance, to testify. The lease sale was ended by President George Herbert Walker Bush when he realized it would be detrimental to his winning another term as President. Rachel Binah was formerly the owner of two bed & breakfast inns, one in Westport and the other in Little River. She is one of the owners of Partners Gallery on Franklin Street in Fort Bragg.

Torrey Douglass