Welcome to StartUp Mendocino 2023

StartUp Mendocino is a no-cost program designed to give local entrepreneurs with great ideas the opportunity to participate in an intensive training program to spark new thinking about what is possible for their business, their community, and the economy of Mendocino County. Over the course of the 23-week program participants will be introduced to new approaches that address business and financial planning, successful branding and marketing, technology and best practices for e-commerce, time management, and how to pitch your business.

We look forward to welcoming participants for StartUp Mendocino 2023! Watch this space for more information in the coming weeks!

A young boy dressed in business suit and tie wears a homemade jetpack and flying goggles raises his arms in the afternoon sun while running to take off into the air on an outcropping above the surf in Montana de Oro State Park, California. This young entrepreneur is ready to take his new business to new heights.

Meet the successful participants of the 2022 program!

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StartUp Mendocino 2023 FAQs

Get the answers to your questions by reading through the Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? Please contact events@westcenter.org.

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