Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to write a business plan. How do I do this?

A business plan is a fundamental element to starting a business. Call us to set up an appointment with our experienced business advisors who can walk you through the necessary steps to set up a business plan specifically for your business type.

I’m a cannabis business. Can I work with West?

West Center is unable to assist with cannabis-related businesses. However, if the products are hemp-based, West Center can offer business advice and assistance.

I’m buying or selling a business. Can you help with this?

Yes! Our business advisors can help you with the fundamentals and specifics of starting a new business including developing a business plan, financial guidance, permits and planning, and more. When you decide to sell your business, our experienced advisers who know the area and its particular challenges and opportunities are ready to assist you.

I would like to start a cooperative. Can you provide assistance?

Our business advisors can assist you with determining the best model for your business, from a cooperative to an LLC. West Center has offered a three-part series of webinars on the topic of cooperatives that you can view here.

I’m looking to hire employees. Where can I find workers?

West Center cannot assist with helping you find employees.

I would like to certify as a woman-owned business. How do I do this?

To become a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) or Economically Disadvantaged WOSB (EDWOSB), apply for certification through the new process on or go through an approved third-party certifier. Read more about the SBA certification process here.

Can you help me with sales tax or tax prep?

West Center offers webinars on tax preparation.

I need a business loan. Can you help?

Yes! West Center helps connect entrepreneurs with potential funding sources once a business plan and financial plan are in place. Our business advisors are available to help you understand, develop and create your business plan. In addition, we can help you determine the financial feasibility of your idea before any risk is taken or money is spent. To get started, book an orientation call and we’ll help you find the path to success!

I want to hire employees. What do I do next?

Call West Center at 707-964-7571 to talk with our Customer Care Specialist who will refer you to a business advisor who will be able to assist you with hiring protocols and best practices.

I need help with my online shop. Can you help me?

West Center has business advisors who can provide guidance on which e-commerce solution is best for your business. Call our Customer Care Specialist at 707-964-7571 to set up an appointment. West Center also provides trainings on all aspects of e-commerce so check our upcoming and past webinars to learn more.