Our Partners

Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo & Co provides a range of commercial and consumer loans, agricultural finance, card products, deposit services, and transaction services to small businesses.

Umqua Bank

Umpqua Bank has more than 300 locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. In addition to retail banking, Umpqua also offers comprehensive business banking and commercial finance services.

Sonoma Clean Power

SCP serves the residents and businesses in Sonoma and Mendocino counties clean energy from more renewable resources, such as geothermal, wind, and solar.

John and Sandra Mayfield Family Economic Development Fund; Community Foundation of Mendocino County

The primary purpose of the John and Sandra Mayfield Family Economic Development Fund is to increase the prosperity of communities and individuals in Mendocino County through business and community development, education, and entrepreneurship support.

FHL Banks

The FHLBanks are 11 regionally based, wholesale suppliers of lendable funds to financial institutions of all sizes and many types, including community banks, credit unions, commercial and savings banks, insurance companies and community development financial institutions.

Savings Bank of Mendocino County

Founded in 1903, the Savings Bank of Mendocino County is the only bank chartered in Mendocino County and the only financial institution with its headquarters in Mendocino County.

The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation

The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation Inc. is a non-political, non-profit educational organization that supports new ideas and approaches to helping people more fully understand how economics can play a role in making their lives, their communities, and the world a more prosperous place.