StartUp Mendocino 2024

Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Mendocino County

Are you prepared to elevate your venture to new heights? Now entering its fourth year, StartUp Mendocino remains a vibrant accelerator for the entrepreneurial spirit in Mendocino County. This transformative program serves as a robust training ground, assisting you in refining your strategies, mapping out your business direction, sharpening your entrepreneurial skills, and developing a plan for growth. Engaging in dynamic collaboration with fellow business owners in Mendocino County, participants not only enhance community spirit but also play a crucial role in revitalizing the local economy through their entrepreneurial zeal.


StartUp Mendocino 2024

What Graduates say about StartUp Mendocino

Earl Chavez

Earl Chavez
Big Earl’s BBQ

“Startup Mendocino connected the dots for us to take our business to the next level. The individual guidance we received from West leadership helped us fine tune our goals and business plan. We are successful because of them.”

Lori Enriquez
Happy Rides Inc

“The instruction & experience I received from Start Up Mendocino was the precursor towards operating a very successful business which I can now say Happy Rides has expanded State Wide!”

Krystyna Kubran

Krystyna Kubran
352 Innovation, LLC

“Startup Mendocino was spectacular! Meeting fellow SBOs in our county, topics taught by experts in their field, and interactive lessons resulted in an invaluable package of business education. I am proud to call myself a graduate of Startup Mendocino 2023!”

2024 Instructor and Cohort Leaders

Rachel Clark, Lead Instructor, lives in Mendocino and runs Synergy Business Coaching, working with business owners to apply structure and standards to grow their business in any region and industry. She is passionately driven towards helping leaders build a business that creates the life they want to live. 

Julia Siderakis has been in the culinary industry for 39 years and a restaurateur for almost 30 of those years. She has taught at the local community college, is a business advisor for West Business Development Center, sits on community and business boards, and is a business collaborator and expansion specialist in Mendocino County. 

Lisa McCormack of Affogato Consulting is a human resources specialist who has developed HR programs for companies and is an advisor with West Business Development Center. Understanding the importance of implementing a strong foundation is key to operating a safe and legal environment. 

Mike Sholin, Director of Client Services for West Center, is a former owner of Mendocino Mustard®, and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by small business owners, especially when operating within rural counties.  He brings years of for-profit experience within sales, management, and small business ownership.