“Life is performance. Each step we take we want to strive for balance in both the mental and physical aspects of our lives.”

Coach Cam is thrilled to bring Alien Major Performance, his wellness and nutrition services, to organizations and employers in Mendocino County. Originally hailing from the Sacramento area, Cameron Underwood-Williams moved to Ukiah in 2017 to become the Diabetic Health Coordinator for the clinic at Consolidated Tribal Health where he spent time and energy to build rapport and a network of connections with his new community. When Covid hit, Cam had to decide whether to follow the path he had outlined on his vision board or head back to Sacramento. The vision board won and that decision led him to create Alien Major Performance, a workplace wellness program designed to create health in the community.

The name Alien Major is something that Cam and his brother toyed with a lot as kids. As Cam says, “Alien Major is not about green aliens, but rather the search to pull out your own inner alien. To us, ‘inner alien’ is that speck of difference we have from each other. We help you put that out and empower it to deliver it the world in a major way.”

Cam believes that wellness programs are beneficial for both employers and employees. They raise spirits, improve endurance in the work day, and trickle down to improve business and family relations. He has taken his wellness program to the campus of the Pinoleville Pomo Tribe which he supports with daily routines of interval training: dynamic warm ups consisting of stretching and deep breathing that are finished with a cool down; “peace breaks”, which are guided and focused by setting a themed intention and cued through movement, and by “plates of love”, a monthly community/staff meal that’s cooked with intention and balance. 

Cam was one of our class of 2023 StartUp Mendocino graduates. He found the program via a recommendation from Adam Goldberg, a 2022 alum, who owns Mendo Grass. As Cam says, “I have support from West Center even though StartUp is over. The advisors have been great about reminding me about loans that I can apply for, tax, and other issues. I have access to these great business resources all because I went through StartUp Mendo.”

Perhaps your business could do with a wellness tune-up? If so, contact West Center for tips and information about how to get your business into its best shape ever!