Money Management for Entrepreneurs
Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions, who should I contact?

Your contact for the course is Laura Brooks,

Is there a completion date for the course?

Yes. You must complete the course by Friday, February 16, 2024 at 5:00pm.

Can I take the course more than once?

Yes but you will receive only one $150 stipend.

What score do I need to complete the course?

You need to get 100% on each quiz to complete the course.

How much is the stipend for taking the Money Management for Entrepreneurs course?

Stipends were first come, first serve. All stipends are gone as of 1/31/2024. Only the first people to complete the course, meet the criteria of living in Mendocino or Lake County, and turn in their W-9, will be receiving the limited number of stipends.

How long is the Money Management for Entrepreneurs course?

The course has four modules, each with a 30-minute video and short quiz. You must watch the video before taking the quiz.

I live in Santa Rosa. Can I take the course and receive a stipend?

You can take the course, but in order to receive the $150 stipend, you must live in either Mendocino or Lake County.