Adding Climate Change to the Menu

Date: Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Online Zoom Webinar
Cost: Free
Language: English
Adding Climate Change to the Menu

Small businesses, like restaurants, play a crucial role as leaders in the climate solutions space. This talk highlights the ways in which restaurants can take meaningful climate action and build resiliency for their business, all while increasing their competitive advantage, customer loyalty, and cost savings.


Patty Martin, PhD,  is a scientist, artist, speaker, and climate optimist. She is the host of the Disobedient Scientist Podcast, a show focusing on the re-imagination of science and how that can help combat climate change. Using her creativity and scientific training, Patty works with destinations and businesses in tourism to help take meaningful and impactful climate action. She believes through authenticity, courage, and science, we can change the world.  Find her on her website: 

Julia Siderakis has been in the culinary industry for 39 years and a restaurateur for almost 30 of those years.  She has taught at the local community college, is a business advisor for West Business Development Center, sits on community and business boards, and a is business collaborator and expansion specialist in Mendocino County. Julia enjoys working with West Center clients and guides them through the different facets of their business aspirations and the processes that make them become a reality, flourish, or venture further into their chosen industry. The culinary world has limitless possibilities and Julia enjoys traveling and exploring the many aspects and paths to help clients reach their goals.

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