Preparing your Small Business for Financing


Unlock the Path to Financial Success for Your Small Business!

Is your small business ready to take the next big step? Join us for this exclusive webinar and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to secure the funding your business deserves. In this session, we will cover the practical steps to prepare for business financing, including business planning, forecasting, credit considerations, capital requirements, essential financial statements, and the necessary tax returns. We'll also discuss the significance of personal financial statements. By the end of this webinar, you'll have a clear checklist of what's needed and insights on how to approach your bank or financial institution for a business loan. Don't miss this chance to enhance your financial preparedness and ensure your business's financial success!


Joe Rodola is a seasoned financial expert with extensive experience in small business management. With 25 years of expertise in commercial lending, 22 years of instructing financial literacy classes, and 13 years as a Certified Credit and Housing Counselor (CCCS), he is a trusted authority on financial literacy and business finance. Additionally, Joe’s hands-on experience as a small business owner and track record of success as a small business advisor gives him a wealth of practical insights to share.

Preparing your Small Business for Financing