February is full of informative and innovative West Center workshops that will appeal to business owners, artists, and those seeking to learn new skills. These hour-long webinars are a great way to prepare for tax season, keep up with technology, and offer a chance to network with other small business owners. Sign up today to prepare for the year ahead!

If you’ve been tied up in knots about how Google Sheets works, then sign up to learn how to use this tool to your advantage to build a Cash Flow Statement that will work for you and help manage your business expenses. Kicking off a four-part series on Quickbooks, you’ll learn the basics of accounting terminology and tools, and how QB will become an invaluable part of your business. From the basics, instructor Rebecca Lehmann will guide you on how to set up your QB data file, the ins and outs of invoicing and receiving payments, and adds the finishing touches with how to deal with accounts payable, tips on reconciling your data, and how to create a financial report. QB workshops are every Thursday at 3PM in February. 

 West Center’s “ABCs of†workshop series gives business owners the ground rules of some of the crucial pieces of technology in use today. Tom Jacobson hosts an ABCs of Ransomware session on February 10 that will illuminate the threats posed in our hyper-cyber world. Learn how to protect one of your most valuable assets––your business!

 Artists are business people too! When not busy creating masterpieces, artists need to get savvy about how to pitch, promote, and sell their art. Digital marketing expert Kate Bourland will present some smart and simple strategies and systems designed to show artists how to make a living from their work in her two interactive How to Sell Your Art Online sessions.

 Content is king! The competition for eyeballs online is fierce and competitive so take some tips from the content experts, Kira Wojack and Amy Scharmann, and learn to create savvy marketing messages that cut above the fray. Their workshop, Content Marketing: How to Create a Compelling Campaign, is bound to fill up fast.

The month of February is a time to celebrate Black History Month [link to blog] and in the current climate of social unrest and calls for equity, it is a compelling time to reflect upon the contributions of minorities to our collective culture. On February 16, join West Center’s guest, Chana Anderson, for a 60-minute exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion and its importance in the workplace. 

It seems as though everyone is on LinkedIn but do we know how best to use it to further a business’s marketing efforts? Lani Lott reveals winning strategies from creating a robust LinkedIn presence to identifying and reaching your customer base. This is another West Center “ABCs of†webinar. April 15 is not too far away and there’s no time like the present to start work on tax preparation. Whether you have a small business or are a sole proprietor, West has a tax workshop for you!

The pandemic has created problems for all of us and finding rent every month doesn’t get any easier. In our 2021 Business Survival: Lease Renegotiation workshop, learn how tenants and landlords can communicate their needs to create a successful outcome for each. 

 Phew… February has been busy so we’re pleased to close out the month with our Business Balance series. On February 26, take the time to Reflect, Explore and Plan as the year unfolds and new opportunities present themselves. Instructor Pamela Llano is an artist, author, community advocate, teacher, and coach who helps women creatively navigate changes and transition towards a more joyful life. 


That’s all for February. We’ll have news of our upcoming March workshops soon. If you need business assistance, please call one of our expert advisors for advice: 707-964-7571.