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2024 Startup Mendocino Business Accelerator

StartUp Mendocino is a free business accelerator offered once a year in Mendocino County. The program offers a unique combination of immersive business training, mentorship, and access to an extended professional network.

Applications are now closed.

Accelerate Your Business | Achieve New Heights

Sustainable Growth: Creating a Foundation Built to Last

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with a leadership-forged mindset. Clarify your vision and business plan, and gain insights into navigating permitting requirements and understanding the tax implications of your entity. This session delves into the symbiotic relationship between mindset, vision setting, and effective planning, empowering you to construct a robust foundation for your enterprise.

Mastering Finance Fundamentals: Crafting The Success You Want

Within business ownership, growth is the wind that propels your vision, but it comes at a cost—cash. These sessions reveal strategies to accelerate cash flow by minimizing the crucial time between spending and earning. Develop insight into successfully navigating financial currents, forecasting budgets, understanding Profit & Loss statements, and tracking key indicators to make your business thrive.

Your Greatest Assets: Building Strong Employee and Customer Relations

In today’s competitive talent market, understanding when and how to hire is crucial. Develop a recruiting roadmap, tailored to your organization, to define when and how to hire new employees. Discover strategies for onboarding and managing skilled and passionate individuals to propel your business forward. Did you know that 63% of customers say they have stopped doing business with brands that provide poor customer service? Learn how to make “customer first” a mantra for your brand and employees.

Increase Your Revenue: Unraveling The Mysteries of Marketing and E-Commerce

Learn to demystify digital marketing and e-commerce complexities while increasing sales. Navigate goal setting, channel selection, and content planning, exploring SEO and social media secrets for acquiring new customers. Learn to measure your programs using transformative metrics. Keep current with the changing digital landscape by learning new technologies and how the interplay between those technologies shapes your customer experience.

Make The Sale: Fearless Pitching

A dynamic session designed to empower individuals with the skills and confidence to make compelling and persuasive sales pitches. It delves into the psychology of persuasion, honing participants’ ability to understand and overcome client objections. Through interactive sessions, real-world simulations, and personalized feedback, participants will begin to master the art of crafting persuasive pitches that can make a sale. Participants will emerge with a mindset to navigate sales challenges fearlessly.

What Graduates say about StartUp Mendocino

Earl Chavez

Earl Chavez
Big Earl’s BBQ

“Startup Mendocino connected the dots for us to take our business to the next level. The individual guidance we received from West leadership helped us fine tune our goals and business plan. We are successful because of them.”

Lori Enriquez
Happy Rides Inc

“The instruction & experience I received from Start Up Mendocino was the precursor towards operating a very successful business which I can now say Happy Rides has expanded State Wide!”

Krystyna Kubran

Krystyna Kubran
352 Innovation, LLC

“Startup Mendocino was spectacular! Meeting fellow SBOs in our county, topics taught by experts in their field, and interactive lessons resulted in an invaluable package of business education. I am proud to call myself a graduate of Startup Mendocino 2023!”