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Mi lugar para ser the best. We know your business is as important to you as your family and your community. This is why at Centro Latino West, we are invested in providing you with the resources and support tools, in your native language, needed to grow your business. Our services can help you develop your business through advice, training, and local support networks that share timely information. Sign up: it's fast, free, and confidential.

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Centro Latino West provides the following Spanish language business services:

  • Free CONFIDENTIAL one-on-one counseling and advising services 
  • Training and programs that specifically cater to the Spanish-speaking small business owner
  • Access to financial resources and capital to support small businesses
  • Familiarity with business practices, especially accounting principles
  • A network of other minority small business owners navigating the challenges of running a business in our rural communities

Fundando mis Sueños

"Muchas gracias por toda la información y ayuda otorgada, fue interesante, clara y precisa. Será de gran ayuda!!"

West Center thanks those who participated in our virtual and online Fundando mis Sueños classes. We are thrilled with the results and the new opportunities the course has opened up for the participants and their small businesses.

The virtual classes were held from August 3 for 10 weeks with 19 participants completing the course.

  • Of the 19 graduates, 18 applied for $107,500 in grant funds.

In October, we launched an online version of the Fundando mis Sueños course.

  • 25 students completed the class and 19 of those have applied for $110,000 in grant funds.

Join our successful students and sign up for our next Fundando mis Sueños class! We will post information here when it’s available.

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Dream Grant funding was made possible by the California Office of the Small Business Advocate.

Asistencia de reembolso del Préstamo por Desastre por Lesiones Económicas Covid (EIDL)

Si usted tiene preguntas sobre próximos pagos de su préstamo EIDL, por favor revise la presentación. Le mostrará cómo registrarse en el sitio de SBA para comenzar con los pagos.

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