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Stories behind the numbers

It’s real people that fuel our economy. Here are some of their stories.


Aliens Among Us!

Cam believes that wellness programs are beneficial for both employers and employees. They raise spirits, improve endurance in the work day, and trickle down to improve business and family relations.

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Ulysses Ruiz-Pardo: Living the Dream!

Ulysses is the owner of Ruiz-Pardo Distribution, a family-owned locally based distribution company located in Ukiah. “We distribute anything Mexican product related such as tortillas, bread, tostadas, cheeses, masa, pastries. And if we don’t have it, we’ll investigate and find it for our customers.”

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Meet Mamas Medicinals


Emily’s childhood was spent off the grid on a ranch. Her mom was passionate about the wild plants that grew on the property and took Emily along when she collected them in order to make drinks and potions for her family. Her mom’s passion ignited a spark in Emily and she decided to attend an herbal school.

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Happy Paddling with Billy Arana

Billy is the owner of North Pacific Adventure, which is an adventure tour operator that offers sea cave kayaking, kayak fishing, whale watching, and surfing tours for locals and tourists alike. As Billy says, “We have a passion for taking people out on the ocean to explore our beautiful coastline.”

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