It’s been 51 years since the first Earth Day was celebrated and a lot has changed in that time. Climate change is now viewed as a global threat: in a United Nations poll (January 2021) “almost two-thirds of over 1.2 million people surveyed worldwide say that climate change is a global emergency, urging greater action to address the crisis.â€

With this in mind, West Center has come up with a few ideas that you can put into practice on Earth Day, April 22, to become part of the solution and set an example for your community and employees.

  1. If you can, embrace the virtual workplace. Many of us have spent more than a year working (and going to school) from our homes and while many are eager to return to the workplace, there are green considerations to take into account. The reduction in commuter traffic meant a significant reduction in air pollution. And one study found that one survey found that people working from home in 2020 were 47% more productive! It doesn’t end there…. There was also a significant reduction in the amount of plastic used in terms of coffee cups, water bottles, snack wrappers, etc. Working from home may well become a fixture in our future.

  2. Save energy! 
    One small way that businesses can save on energy is to replace light fixtures and bulbs with LED lights that use 90% less electricity and last more than five times longer. If you own your building (or your landlord is willing), another energy saving solution is to install solar panels to reduce electricy grid dependence. And if that’s beyond you, consider installing light tubes in the roof to increase reliance on natural light.

  3. Encourage the use of electric vehicles by installing a charger for customers and employees.

  4. Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.

  5. Go green and use less paper! If you can, move your business to the cloud, add contactless checkout and payment solutions, and an e-commerce presence.

  6. Rethink plastic packaging. Micro-plastics in particular are hugely harmful to the environment so if you ship goods, consider changing your packaging to accommodate eco-friendly products. 

  7. Encourage your employees and customers to use refillable containers – you could even purchase logoed ones for their use and to use as a promotion for your business!

  8. Volunteer for park, beach and community clean-ups.

  9. Host a green fundraiser at your business or hold a community event (maybe that’s for 2022!)

West Center would love to hear your ideas about making your business a green place to work! Our advisors are always looking for ways to help our clients be their best. Call us today at 707.964.7571 to share your ideas or get some great business advice!