With September comes a change in season and a time to burrow into preparing your business for the winter months ahead. Among our offerings for September are workshops that will teach you time management techniques, how to get your business prepared for any emergency, and how to thrive as a working artist in today’s marketplace. Sign up for the free workshops and get your business prepared for the fall season ahead!

In Mendocino County, we’ve had quite the run of wildfires, smoke-filled skies, the pandemic, PSPS events, and now the lack of water, which currently threatens the operation of many businesses. Join us on Wednesday September 8 to learn the essentials you should pack in your Business Go-bag. Instructor Rachel Clark has honed this workshop, Emergency Preparation: How to Protect Your Business Before It’s Too Late, to give you all the necessary tools so you can develop a plan to weather the unexpected and keep your business operational during any emergency situation. 

Over time, the boundaries between work and home have begun to fade… a phenomenon that was exacerbated during the pandemic when many of us were confined to our homes where work, school, and personal lives all collided. And while the pandemic is beginning to decline, our work lives may be irrevocably changed with many businesses opting to continue work from home schedules, at least for some days per week. So how do we balance these competing home/work responsibilities without sacrificing our sanity? At West Center, we have developed a series of Business Balance workshops that focus on the often overlooked but essential holistic business skills. On September 14, Judith Teitelman, a skilled and innovative designer and facilitator of meetings, retreats and focus groups, delves into the topic of time management. Do we use time to our best advantage or spend too much of it being distracted from what really matters? This workshop will offer practical advice and tips for effectively planning in order to achieve your personal and professional goals and how to shift your own perception of time!

Many of us dream about being an artist. Perhaps that means painting in a studio, creating music, or writing the next great novel but most often the burning question is, “Can I make a living doing this?†West Center likes to think that creatives can be business people as well as great artists. And that was the compelling reason behind our monthly Artists in Action series, where we explore the ways that artists can also be successful small business ventures. In September, we have two artist-focused workshops. On September 22, our presenter is Allison Wyper, an artist and coach who helps those in the arts community work independently but not alone! You will learn how to clarify your artistic goals, figure out what you need to make to make a living, and how to place a value on your time and your art. The following day, explore a variety of career paths in the art world and learn to define your goals with Ray Beldner, an art educator in his presentation Art World Landscape: Options for Artists and their Art. These Artists in Action workshops are a great connector for artists of all stripes living in different parts of the county, country, and globe! 

September 22 is a busy day. We’re also offering the first of our Spanish language workshops: Introduce Your Business to the Internet! / Introduzca su Negocio al Internet!. Attendees will learn about the benefits of using the internet as a platform to attract more clients, and get more business! ¡Los asistentes aprenderán sobre los beneficios de usar Internet como plataforma para atraer más clientes y obtener más negocios!

We are all connected… at least the 43 million of us on LinkedIn are! But like many, you may have created a personal profile but haven’t exactly kept it working for you. That is about to change! LinkedIn is known for being a powerful business to business marketing tool. However, it’s also a great way for businesses with a product or service to reach consumers eager to purchase. How do you do that? Lani Lott will reveal all in her instructive hands-on session that tackles the ABCs of LinkedIn. You’ll learn the difference between a personal profile and a business page and how they each can be used to strengthen your online presence and optimize your marketing reach.

Marketing: a noun meaning the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. We understand that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with how you get your messaging about your products or services to an audience. So it’s time to sharpen up those marketing tools that have been gathering dust and get them ready to work for you! Learn some new tips from workshop leader Lani Lott who has a deep background in combining successful digital and traditional marketing strategies. She’ll show you how to find new audiences while retaining the markets you’ve already built and how to apply fresh appeal to your marketing campaigns in her presentation, Balancing Digital Marketing with Traditional.

West Business Development Center is the embodiment of your tax dollars at work! Our services are free… that’s right, no cost to you because we are funded by grants from the federal government. Small businesses are the heart of our rural community and we want to help you not just survive but thrive! We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming workshop or helping you with a business issue. Call us today at 707.964.7571.