Financial Literacy is shown on the conceptual business photo

Financial Literacy Month was first recognized in April 2004 and is now celebrated every year. The goal of the month is to highlight the importance of being financially literate and to alert people about how they can best become financially smart. The month is not only a celebration of financial literacy but also a challenge. This is the ideal time for you to review your finances and, if necessary, work with a West Center advisor to improve them!

Did you know?

  • In the U.S., one out of every five students lack basic skills of financial literacy.
  • 29% of working women showed basic skills of financial literacy, whereas 47% of men demonstrated basic financial literacy skills.
  • 54% of the student loan holders didn’t know about their future monthly payments before taking out their loans.
  • According to a national survey, only 20% of adults have participated in financial education.
  • And, a report by LT Trust showed that women save 68 cents against every dollar that men save for retirement.

If your financial skills need some brushing up, then you’re in luck! Beginning in April, West Center is highlighting financial know-how for business owners with two series of webinars in both English and Spanish! 

Araceli Rivas leads the four-part series, Administración del dinero para emprendedores, beginning on Wednesday April 19 at 5:30PM, covering the same topics… but all in Spanish! And, as an added bonus, Mendocino and Lake County residents who attend all four Spanish language classes will qualify to receive a $150 stipend for completing the series.

Join instructor Christine Rodrigues on Thursday, April 20 for the first of a four-part series: Money Management for Entrepreneurs. Learn about the power of saving and the importance of keeping to a budget. And do you have what it takes be a good borrower and what is your credit worthiness like? 

If you need some guidance on finances for your business, don’t hesitate to contact West Center today!

Financial Literacy is shown on the conceptual business photo