Small Business Week poster

For more than 50 years, the Small Business Administration has observed the first week of May as Small Business Week. This is a time to acknowledge and celebrate the small businesses in our communities that are the driving force behind the economy in our rural region. Tune in during the week to the SBA’s free, four-day virtual summit that will honor the nation’s 32.5 million small businesses for their perseverance, resilience, ingenuity, and creativity.

Get ready to celebrate Small Business Week and help your business grow!

Be In Touch

Small Business Week is a great time to let your customers know you’re thinking of them. Send a newsletter and post on social media about your successes and share why you are passionate about your business. Your customers need to know you, not just your goods or services, so make a compelling case for them to keep returning. During Small Business Week offer your loyal customers a deal or discount.

Raise Brand Awareness

Use Small Business Week 2022 to raise awareness of your brand online. Make sure to use the hashtag #SmallBusinessWeek in all your posts on all your social media channels. As you highlight your brand, using the hashtake will help you see and be seen by other businesses and their customers. Engage on social media with polls and questions to help your brand shine!

Celebrate Your Employees

It’s hard to do it alone! Take the time to celebrate the contributions your employees make to the success of your business. You could have an awards ceremony or give out a small thank you gift.

Be A Partner

Create a promotion with another complementary business. Give the other business coupons to hand their customers for a discount at your store. In return, you can offer their customers a discount at your store. A tactic like this expands the reach for each business for a win-win!

For help with promoting and marketing your small business, be in touch with West Center. Our expert advisors are ready to help you take your business to the next level! 

Small Business Week poster