Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of businesses can apply?

Any small business, except a business that deals in cannabis cultivation, sales, or products.

When does the training program start and end?

The program begins on June 21, 2023 and ends on September 27, 2023.

If I complete the program and meet all the requirements, when will I get the stipend?

Program participants will receive a stipend of $1,000 at the completion of the program

As a sole proprietor, can I apply for the program?

Yes, you can apply for the program.

My business is in a county other than Mendocino or Lake. Can I apply?

No. Your business must be located in either Mendocino or Lake County.

What is StartUp Mendocino?

StartUp Mendocino is a business accelerator program that mobilizes the resources of Mendocino County’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in support of start-ups and growing businesses. A business accelerator program is a fixed-term, cohort-based program that includes educational components and peer-to-peer learning and networking.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone who has started a business (1-3 years) in Mendocino County, and is looking to hone their business skills and expand their opportunities. Must have internet and computer access in order to participate. Alumni cannot apply again.

Is there a cost for the training and application?

No, this program is free to participants. The training is funded by West Center, local support , the Small Business Administration, and State of California Go-Biz funding.

What will I gain from participating in StartUp Mendocino?

  • The capacity for your business’s growth 
  • The opportunity to be a part of a network of start-up innovators with opportunities to build relationships with influencers
  • Formal introduction to public works/services and local organizations to advance your business
  • Free publicity and community outreach for your business

How many businesses will be selected to participate?

Up to twelve applicants will be selected to participate in this annual program.