Welcome to Fundando mis Sueños On Demand!

Fundando Mis Sueños On Demand is our second round of the Fundando Mis Suenos program, an intensive, 15 hour,  business and financial training program created to educate and support Latino-owned start ups by providing access to $5,000 and $10,000 grants married with online training.

How Does it Work?

  • Make sure you are eligible:
  • You have obtained your business license after July 2, 2019. (Business licenses can be obtained during the program.)
  • You’re located in Mendocino County
  • You are a West Center client. (For new clients, orientation will need to be completed before you can start the program)


  • Apply for the program!
  • Upon approval, a login and password will be issued to access the online course. 
  • Complete ten (10) video lessons, totaling about fifteen (15) hours of lecture. After each lesson, there is a ten (10) question quiz. You must pass each test with a 90% score to pass. 
  • Complete program and schedule an advising session. You can use the advising session to work on the Dream Grant documents. 
  • Submit Dream Grant documentation for review.
  • Apply for Dream Grant
  • Receive $5000 or $10,000!
  • NOTE: You must apply for the course by Dec 5, 2022. You must also complete the course by December 15, 2022


Fundando mis sueños graduation
October 2022 graduating class

Have questions? Read the FAQs or email events@westcenter.org.

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