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Valentine’s Day – you either love it or not but either way, it’s a big day for love and a significant event for shopping, either in person or online, and the numbers tell the story. Valentine’s Day spending reached its historic high in 2020 with $27.4B in the U.S. After a drop in 2021 ($21.8B) it recovered in 2022 ($23.9B) — that’s two billion dollars (and change), according to the annual survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, the world’s largest retail trade association.

To help boost spending at your small business, we have a few ideas to help increase sales this Valentine’s Day.

  • Run a promotion on your best-selling products
    If your business is flowers, chocolate or jewellery, then this is potentially your biggest day of the year! But even if your business products are less romantic, a creative social marketing campaign with the right messaging can have an impact.
  • Use Valentine’s Day Hashtags
    Hashtags are a great way to promote any business on social media. They enable you to track how people are sharing your campaign based on your hashtags. Experiment with campaigns by asking meaningful questions and pairing them with relevant hashtags. Ask about the best – or worst – Valentine’s Day your followers have experienced or post enticing images of Valentine’s Day desserts or gifts. Aim to go viral!
  • Create a Last-Minute Gift Guide
    With so much information online, consumers are turning to curated lists and guides to inform their buying decisions. So create your own Valentine’s Day gift guide to increase your reach, drive engagement, and help you sell more!
  • Run a Valentine’s Day Contest
    Create engagement on social media with a Valentine’s Day giveaway contest. Focus on a giveaway that will entice your followers to like, share and tag their friends to enter the contest. 
  • Sharpen Up Your Online Presence
    It’s always a good idea to upate your social media presence to match special occasions. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to bring awareness to your business with romantic-leaning Valentine’s Day posts and invitations to share and like.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!