West Center was thrilled to learn that one of our clients, Michael Butler of SpaceCrete Inc., was one of the winners of the 2023 World of Concrete Innovative Product Awards! The World of Concrete annual convention is the world’s largest tradeshow fostering the growing concrete and masonry construction industries and its 49th event was held in January in Las Vegas. This year’s convention featured the launch of a brand-new award program dedicated to recognizing and showcasing the most innovative and forward-thinking equipment, materials, tools and services available in the concrete and masonry markets.

Michael’s product, SpaceCrete 3D Admix, won the Concrete Construction Materials innovation award. This highly regarded and prestigious award will help SpaceCrete Inc. attract investors or industrial level partners and is a potential stepping stone to rapid growth of this local company.

SpaceCrete 3D Admix is a patented product that can be used with everyday concrete to create a substance that can be pumped and used to form structures with less material waste, less carbon consumption, and less labor, all of which go to reducing building times and costs. SpaceCrete 3D Admix can be used in real world construction of walls, buildings, wind turbine towers, culverts and other residential or industrial projects. Three-D printing with concrete is rapidly becoming the standard of the industry (like electric vehicles, the change is underway) as construction moves toward “printed concrete” solutions and methods to reduce the environmental impact and the cost of constructing everything from homes to industrial scale projects.

You can view how Michael has developed his products over the years here.

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SpaceCrete is a Winner!