Digital ABCs: Leveraging ChatGPT for Small Business Success

Discover the transformative potential of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT and Shopify Plug-ins, for your small business. In this webinar, we will explore how generative AI can enhance business efficiency, streamline customer interactions, and boost productivity. Learn how to implement ChatGPT to help streamline workflow and increase customer engagement and conversions. Join us to unlock the full capabilities of generative AI and propel your small business to new heights.


Baqi Kopelman has a wide and varied background in marketing and advertising. He has produced and directed hundreds of commercials and dozens of branding campaigns. As a marketing and creative director, he has guided companies of all sizes through launches, marketing campaigns, and crowdfunding efforts. Baqi also produces high level photography and video content for companies and individuals through his own business based on the Mendocino Coast.

hand in front of laptop holding light bulb with words GPT