By Una Wirkebau, MOVE 2030 Economic Coordinator

In just under a week, the world has gone from “be wary†to Global Pandemic. Though as of today (March 16th), there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Mendocino County, this does not mean our businesses and residents are not being affected.

Working from home, social distancing, modified schooling, reduction of shop hours, isolation of those over 65, closure of wineries and bars; all the new norm, for the foreseeable future. The point, of course, it to hamper the spread of Covid -19. With constant media coverage, it is easy to get swept up with worry and concern, having to embrace new routines can cause anxiety. 

Breath…remember to wash your hands, remain calm, and not buy into the frenzy. With that said, we have many local Ukiah businesses that are going above and beyond, to ensure employees and clients continue to receive great service, safely and appropriately.

Slam Dunk Pizza is offering FREE delivery and curbside pick -up, additionally, they now have a $20 sponsor program that delivers food to seniors in the community, who may be financially stressed during this time.  

Black Oak Coffee has placed tape marks on the floor to ensure folks stand at a proper distance from one another while waiting to order, they are also not accepting personal cups.

Safeway has reduced hours to the public so that staff can wipe down, clean and daily restock to keep up with demand and to make certain clients have less risk.  

Ukiah Valley Athletic Club has increased employee’s hours to maintain high standards of cleanliness throughout their building as well.

To help with the continuity of #shoplocal, many of our eclectic entrepreneurs like Bona Marketplace, are offering discounted shipping with the personal shopping experience of taking photos or video to help you decide what might be the best gift for that upcoming birthday or anniversary.  

Jaxon Keys is offering 40% off much of their wine collection and free shipping over $300.

Many of our local restaurants have quickly followed up with Governor Newsom’s request to halve all seating, this provides proper social distancing. Curbside service is also being offered, so be sure to support Cultivo, The Office Bar & GrillPhile Castro’s Kitchen at the Pub, among the other food resources in your neighborhood. Other options are of course Grub Hub and Door Dash who deliver straight to your door with prepayment and zero face to face interaction.

Regardless of these actions many of our business communities will be negatively affected for many months to come. What can you do to help with not only the economic impact but the social one as well?

  • Purchase gift certificates to restaurants, wineries, and brick & mortar retailers to provide an alternative revenue stream 

  • Host virtual happy hours with friends and family to bolster the human connection

  • Buy tickets to future community events to show support for the greater region

  • Offering grocery store runs or meal delivery to neighbors, elderly and immunocompromised

  • Contribute financially to nonprofits like Plow Shares and Meals on Wheels 

  • Providing online attendance options for classes, concerts, church services and more to connect our greater community to meaningful experiences

If you are a small business owner or a community member with some good ideas to help our business community survive send them to We will do our best to post and share these over the next few weeks.

West Business Development Center is providing ongoing educational webinars on a variety of topics. Visit for more information or contact us at to work with a business adviser. 

How to do Business in the Age of Corona Virus

As the number of California cases of COVID-19 rises, the team at West Business Development Center wants you to know we are here to help.

Stay informed and learn more about the resources available on our Corona Virus Resource Page Here.