On August 10, the MOVE 2030 project moved into an exciting new phase.

As the project manager, West Center hosted a lively online opening conversation and presentation, with an audience of almost 90 community members, about how the community can reimagine a bright and vibrant economy for Mendocino County.

The meeting kicked off with a welcome address by District 5 Supervisor Ted Williams , followed by a short introduction to economic development by West Center’s Board Chair, Paul Garza. Mary Anne Petrillo, the meeting moderator, was then pleased to welcome three speakers who addressed the challenges, plans, and outcomes each county is facing about economic development.

  • Monica Nolan, Executive Director of the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce, spoke to the challenges the community is facing and learning from following the devasting wildfire that swept the area in 2018.

  • From Humboldt County’s Scott Adair, the audience heard how our neighbor to the north is integrating economic development into strategic planning for the county.

  • David White, ED of Opportunity Stanislaus, presented the county’s innovative scheme for training workers in technical skills much in demand by the county’s businesses.

Rounding out the presentation, Adam Fowler, Director of Research at Beacon Economics, reviewed the results of research into the current economic climate in Mendocino County.

This meeting and conversation was the catalyst for creating four economic action groups to tackle some of the fundamental issues that define economic development and growing prosperity: 

1.     Grow entrepreneurship and strengthen existing businesses

2.     Develop a diverse industry base  

3.     Establish a green infrastructure  

4.     Implement technology across sectors

Led by Community Champions and facilitator, Marie Jones, the action group members are taking each conversation to the next level over the course of the next two months, with a wrap-up meeting and presentation planned for late October. If you were unable to participate in the August 10 session, you can watch it here.

Interested in joining the action groups? Go to https://www.move2030.org/events to sign up or contact Project Manager, Una Wirkebau, for information.