The County of Mendocino and West Center are thrilled to announce the launch of a new website for MOVE 2030. This movement to create economic diversity and resiliency in Mendocino County now has a home with resources, calendar of events, and the opportunity for the community to get involved!

The MOVE 2030 initiative is funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, which awarded grants to federally declared disaster areas, following the devastating 2017 wildfires, to address economic challenges in impacted areas.

Check the calendar for the ongoing events and meetings that are the driving force of MOVE 2030. And it’s not too late to sign up to be part of one of the Action Teams that are examining the issues of entrepreneurship and business expansion, diversification of the county’s industries; green infrastructure; and technology implementation.

The Resources page has a wealth of information about economic development, ranging from research conducted to better understand the county’s economy to business organizations dedicated to community development and education to specific COVID-19 business resources and information.

Follow MOVE 2030 on Facebook and consider attending the open-to-all Zoom meetings to learn more.