At West Center, we’re always thinking of ways to help business owners simplify their lives. This time of COVID-19 has tasked us with working with partners, such as the County of Mendocino, to create resources for businesses to reopen safely. We created the site to assist businesses with the required self-certification guidance and forms. And many of our webinars and workshops have focused on best COVID business practices to help business owners tackle many of the seemingly Everest-like challenges of keeping the doors open. You can read (and watch) all about them here.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy developing a Business Recovery Guide for busy proprietors to use on the go. Taking the cue from our top webinars of the summer, we developed a high-level booklet with sections on:

  • Workplace safety

  • Human resources

  • Finances

  • Tenants and landlords

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Resources

Our aim is to give you, the business owner, a quick guide to some of the top issues and questions asked of our advisors. We suggest you download the booklet and print the Resources page for your quick reference.

This booklet is not a substitute for the advice of one of our expert advisors but we hope you will find it helpful as you navigate your way through these uncharted COVID waters.