The merry month of May has much to offer… spring is here and West Center’s workshop offerings are in full bloom!

We kick off our workshops on May 5 with a primer on how best to use Zoom to further successful business meetings. Even if you’re a regular Zoom user, this workshop will offer troubleshooting tips and tools for those moments when the screen freezes! We are all familiar with what a co-op is but what are the benefits of creating one and how can they help with income disparity? Instructor Ashley Ortiz shines some light on these and many other co-op related questions in a three-part series, Building Shared Entrepreneurship, that begins on Wednesday May 7 and continues to May 21. 

On May 11 and 18 join leadership coach Alexis Asbe for our Women’s Leadership Coaching workshops that will inspire you to your very best potential and help you map your desires and be open to radical receiving. These workshops are limited to 20 participants. The light bulb went off and you have a great idea for a new business venture… but you don’t have a clue where to begin. Start with our May 12 Start-up Essentials workshop, Get All Your Business Basics Here. Instructor Keith Obilana has 15 years experience working with entrepreneurs like you to get their businesses launched.

Successful public relations strategy is worth its weight in gold… and a good, well-placed story (especially if it’s syndicated) can save your marketing budget dollars! Join PR experts Erin Simpson and Erin First for Fundamentals of PR, a three-part workshop, beginning on Thursday May 13 (ending May 27), that will take you from understanding the what PR is and how it works to crafting an engaging pitch and how to successfully get the word out to the media that matter. 

Striking the balance between work and real life can be a challenge and cause stress. But understanding those stress points and learning techniques to manage them will bring relief. Join Lisa Larimer Burtis on May 27 for some tips about how to bring more harmony into your work and life routines in her workshop, Bringing Your Best Self To Work

Robert and Kate Burridge are artists and entrepreneurs who will impart their combined years of wisdom in this second of their Artists in Action workshop, The Art of Pricing and Sales. The couple will offer practical tips on how to successfully price artwork for sales to customers and galleries.

And that’s it for the month of May. If you find you need some friendly advice as you develop your business, pick up the phone and call our expert advisors at West Center: 707.964.7571.