Money Management for Entrepreneurs On-Demand Course

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Welcome to Money Management for Entrepreneurs On-Demand!

Entrepreneurship is a bumpy road, and good money management habits help you grow your business while preparing to handle life’s surprises. In this four-part on-demand course, you will learn the basics of how to plan your spending, increase your savings, manage debt, and improve your creditworthiness.

This 4-part series addresses some of the most common problems faced by small business owners:

  • Savings: Not enough money saved; no cushion for emergencies
  • Spending: Spending is unplanned; move from crisis to crisis
  • Debt: High debt balances; hard to stay ahead of payments
  • Credit: Low or no credit score; hard to borrow money

Each part of the series includes a 30-minute video and a quiz you must pass with 100% to move on to the next step. This series is self-paced, so you can come back to the course when it is convenient for you.

**As of January 31, 2024, first come, first serve stipends are gone!  Those who completed the program by 1/31/2024, turned in a W-9, and met the criteria of being in Mendocino or Lake County will receive stipends. The program will remain open so everyone can continue to learn and complete the training, but completion will no longer be associated with receiving a stipend. Thank you for participating!

If you have questions about the course, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions!

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