At West Center, we learned that among the key takeaways from 2020 (the year none of us will ever forget) was the ability to quickly adapt… in our thinking, attitudes, and actions. During 2020, West took workshops and webinars online, a move that spurred increased attendance and interest as participants could learn safely from home and not have to travel. 

2021 kicks off our online workshop series with a dive into Startup Essentials, a primer on the nuts and bolts of opening a new business when starting from scratch. We’ve been living in a virtual world for almost a year now and that has presented all sorts of challenges: from technology not working to kids and dogs interrupting calls to general Zoom fatigue. Work goes on, however, and if you’re leading up a team in this virtual world, you’ll want to sign up to get some leadership tips from instructor Lorna Kibbey, a motivational speaker specializing in leadership and communication. Her workshop, Leading Virtually, is on January 12. 

Every small business needs to market itself to be successful. Getting the word out about new products or services is a key part of doing business. But budget constraints––particularly now––can make it tough for business owners to hire professionals to produce the necessary imagery and videos that are vital to successful marketing campaigns. Enter the ABCs of Adobe Rush! Under the tutelage of pro videographer Baqi Kopelman, participants will learn to harness the power of this app to create and edit compelling short videos perfect for social media marketing. 

A new year brings a new tax season and our money management and tax prep workshops are just the ticket for getting your books in order. Out with the filing cabinets and in with Google Workspace, which has powerful tools, such as Sheets, to keep you organized and on track. If you’ve been intimidated by spreadsheets but want to learn how they can help your business, sign up today and Unlock Your Spreadsheet Powers

If you applied for and received a Payroll Protection Program loan in 2020, you need to keep your eye on the ball about the program updates and how to get your loan forgiven. Join West advisor Steve Lamb and Savings Bank’s Sid Harper on January 21 to get the latest PPP news.

Artists are business people too! West Center interacts with a wide spectrum of small businesses––retail, restaurants, manufacturing, and artists of all stripes. Like other business owners, artists need to understand how to reach the right markets for their art and how to price their work for maximum sales. On January 28, join the husband and wife team of Robert and Kate Burridge, experts in the field of mARTketing, as they discuss effective pricing structures for artists and their art in the first of our new Artists in Action series.

Close out the first month of the new year with an inspiring session led by speaker and coach RJ Jackson who will guide participants in finding a healthy Work-Life Balance in our continuing Business Balance series of workshops.

We look forward to seeing you online at our workshops in the new year. If you’re looking for more one-on-one assistance for your business try signing up for West BDC’s FREE business counseling here.