We’re almost halfway through the year so don’t miss out on some of these great free workshops offered during the month of June.

“The Cloud†has become ubiquitous in our lives… we all use it even though many of us don’t realize that we are. But how safe is it and what measures should small businesses take to safeguard their documents and assets? If you have questions like these, sign up to attend our free CyberSecurity workshop on June 2, led by instructor Tom Jacobson.

“Brand†is one of those words that everyone in business and marketing uses, but not everyone actually understands. A brand is the way a product, company, or individual is perceived by those who experience it. Much more than just a name or a logo, a brand is the recognizable feeling these assets evoke. And joining us to explain all about branding in a two-part workshop series (June 3 and 10)  is Jendi Coursey, owner of a small but mighty public relations firm in Ukiah. 

Those in the creative arts are not just artists but need to be business people too. But pulling away from creativity to deal with social media marketing is difficult and time-consuming. Instructor Baqi Kopelman comes to the rescue in his workshop: Artists in Action: Social Media for Online Promotion. You’ll get tips and tools for making social media marketing work for you leaving you time to be creative.

Speaking of creative, Amy Scharmann will demonstrate how to communicate effectively without sacrificing personality in her Creative Writing for Marketing workshop on June 17. The way you describe your business and products really matters; selecting the right words will give your brand an identity, which will help you build customer loyalty. If you’ve been looking for help with writing effective copy, this is the workshop for you!

Feeling burned out? It’s no wonder after the year we’ve all been through! Two great instructors, Lisa Larimer Burtis and Lisa McCormack, will devote an hour to discussing burnout in the workplace, the causes of it, how to build resilience for you and your employees, and, most importantly, where to get help. Creating a Healthy Workplace is your guide to recognizing burnout and will offer resources to deal with it. 

“An art journal is an invitation to discover [rediscover, reboot, rekindle] the joy of creating just for the sake of creating.†Turn those idle doodles you do during Zoom calls into something tangible with the practice of art journaling. Instructor Amanda Hart has a passion to ignite creative expression in others so sign up today to discover your inner artist and Get Inspired with Art Journaling!

West Center workshops are free and a great way to connect and network with like-minded business owners, not just in Mendocino County, but around the world. And if you need help with your small business, pick up the phone and make an appointment for our no-cost advice. It’s free and easy: 707.964.7571.