Class Schedule

All sessions are on Tuesdays, 8am to 9:30am on Zoom.

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* Dates with an asterisk are in person


February 29*: Kickoff @ Tall Guy Brewing 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Event is in person.

Sustainable Business: Creating a Foundation That’s Built to Last

March 5: Foundations of Leadership

In this session, we will delve into the fundamental principles of effective leadership, aiming to equip you with the tools and insights necessary to build a strong and lasting foundation for your leadership journey.

Worksheet: Thinking Questions
Worksheet: Business Plan Contents Checklist
Worksheet: Best Legal Structure
Worksheet: Seven Ingredients of a Successful Business
Worksheet: Self-Management Checklist
Worksheet: Business Plan Content
Worksheet: Personal Objectives
Worksheet: Vision Statement

March 12: Cohort Breakout

First cohort meeting with cohort leaders.

LivePlan Online Application
Client Resource Guide
Business Plan Questionnaire
Start Up Business Map
Business Plan Mind Map

Mastering Finance Fundamentals: Crafting the Financial Success You Want

March 19: Understanding Finance Basics: Tasks, Actions, and Reporting

This session is a comprehensive exploration of essential financial elements crucial for informed business decision-making.

Worksheet: Cash Flow
Worksheet: Balance Sheet
Worksheet: Basic Income Statement
Worksheet: Budget Synergy

March 26: Cohort Breakout

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.

April 2: Strategic Financial Navigation: Optimizing Your Path to Success

This session is designed to be highly interactive, providing you with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied to enhance your financial decision-making skills. 

Worksheet: Strategic Financial Navigation
Worksheet: Cost & Price Structure Tool
Worksheet: Cost & Price Structure Tool Example

April 9: Cohort Breakout

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.

April 16: Unlocking Capital: Strategies for Successful Financing and Growth

Explore various funding sources available to businesses, including traditional loans, venture capital, and alternative financing methods.

Presentation: Unlocking Capital: Strategies for Successful Financing and Growth
Worksheet: Vision Statement
Worksheet: Company Description
Worksheet: Mission Statement

April 23: Cohort Breakout

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.

Your Greatest Assets: Building Strong Employee and Customer Relations

April 30: Hiring, Onboarding, and Management with Lisa McCormack

This session is designed to equip you with essential skills and strategies for fostering a positive and productive work environment. We will discuss strategic hiring techniques, learn about creating an efficient onboarding process and managing employees.

Worksheet: Job Description

Worksheet: Organizational Culture

Worksheet: Laws that Apply to Your Organization

Slides: Hiring, Onboarding & Managing

May 7: Cohort Breakout

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.

May 14: Customers for Life and Client Retention

Explore best practices for providing exceptional service and then how to exceed customer expectations and create positive experiences. After you find clients, build long term client relationships through implementing effective retention programs.

Worksheet: AEB System Template


Worksheet: Brand Commitment

May 21: Cohort Breakout

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.

Demystifying Marketing: Navigating the Digital Frontier

May 28: Going Digital: What Technology Do You Need to Run Your Business?

Overview of the key components and layers in a contemporary technology stack. Understand how a well-designed stack can enhance business processes and scalability.


June 4: Cohort Breakout

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.

June 11: Making the Most of Technology

Exploring the benefits and applications of cloud-based solutions and learn how navigating popular cloud platforms and their unique features will grow your organization. Address cybersecurity concerns and implement robust security measures for protecting data and ensuring compliance.


June 18: Navigating Marketing Strategies and Mastering Authentic Sales Pitches

This session is tailored to provide you with actionable insights and proven strategies to elevate your marketing and sales efforts. Craft a comprehensive marketing plan aligned with your business goals and learn how to leverage digital and traditional channels for maximum impact. Learn how to understand your customers’ needs and tailor your sales pitch accordingly.

Worksheet: Pitch Topics

Worksheet: Marketing Plan

Worksheet: Marketing Strategy

Worksheet: Target Market


June 25: Cohort Breakout: Pitch Practice

Cohort-led peer-to-peer learning.


June 25*: Graduation @ The Brambles 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Event is in person.